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ReRoofing vs Roof Replacement Cost in Ocala, Florida

Roof Inspection / ocala/ February 4, 2022

ReRoofing vs Roof Replacement Cost in Ocala, Florida

If you are thinking about ReRoofing vs Roof Replacement your home roof? Because the returns are higher, roof replacement is an important part when it comes to boosting the value of your property. Apart from that, nobody likes to have a leaky roof. However, the replacement cost can be staggering.

On average, shingle roof replacement can cost you $11000 and higher. And, the price could get high if you want something more specific. Moreover, if you have a tight budget, things are going to be difficult. In that case, re-roofing can help you out of the situation. And, you can do that in an amount as little as $5500.

ReRoofing vs Roof Replacement Cost in Ocala, Florida

How is Reroofing different from Roof Replacement?

Re-roofing is a simple process compared to roof replacement. New shingles are placed over the existing ones. It makes the overall process easy, fast, and cost-effective. However, re-roofing can be done once in many years. Re-roofing is like a cosmetic surgery where everything is designed to extend the longevity of the existing roof.

The whole roof undergoes a drastic change and makes it look new. And, it is done without the need to replace everything like in a roof replacement. When it is about roof replacement, the process is an expansive one because it replaces everything. On the other hand, reroofing is a fast and cheap solution. First you need to know what is included in roof replacement.

So, if you do not have many layers of shingles, re-roofing might be the best option for you. Re-roofing places a new shingle over the top of a worn-out one. As such, it improves the appearance of your house and provides a protective layer that prevents leaks.

However, keep in in mind that re-roofing will not last for long unlike a roof replacement. And, this is because of the kind of job. Hence, Ocala roofing contractors experienced major water damage or missing shingles, re-roofing isn’t the best solution. Moreover, re-roofing can make your roof appear uneven if it has partially damaged sections in certain areas.

What makes shingle roof replacement the ultimate choice for many?

A roof replacement is the only option if you are considering longevity for your roofs. Nobody likes to go through the hassle of changing the roof over and over again. So, most people opt for shingle roof replacement instead of re-roofing. That way, the homeowners can have peace of mind for at least twenty years.

Also, roof replacement is a more expensive and intense one. The process removes the whole roof down. A shingle roof replacement involves placing new shingles, felt paper, and other important elements of a roof. This might include components such as fascia, gutters, etc. that need replacement.

However, roof replacements work fine regardless of the roof shingle layers that are in place. As a result, replacing your roof is the last resort. So, given the nature of extensive work and the cost of materials, the process involves a lot of money.

However, the cost of replacing a Ocala roof is based on several factors such as roofing materials, size of the roof, location, and so on. Hence, you can expect to spend around $8400 when you are planning to re-roof. And, this is for an average home in the US. The costs can even go down to $5500. A complete roof replacement, on the other hand, can cost you about $14200.

On what does the Roof Replacement cost depend?

The roof replacement cost calculator helps you find out the overall cost for your project. Whether it is re-roofing or roof replacement, it gives your home a distinctive look and makes it stand out from the homes in your neighborhood. But, if you are thinking about long-term goals, replacing your roofs is the best option you can have.

However, costs for replacing roofs vary according to the variables, which include the following.

  • Materials used
  • Roof accessibility
  • Labor needed
  • Job size
  • Story
  • Your location
  • Requirement for specific equipment such as safety harness or roof jacks

When it is about the materials, the asphalt shingles are less costly. An average cost for an asphalt shingle roof can cost you about $6000. And, there are lots of materials available for this work that will depend on your choice. However, upgrading the roof material doesn’t only provide a great look but it increases the lifespan, durability, and efficiency of the new roof.

The story and slope of your home will impact the overall cost as well. A two-story home with a sharp slope requires more time and labor. It takes much effort to remove the old shingles and install the new ones. These tasks increase the cost. Also, companies will charge you to dispose of old roof materials.

Why is roof replacement recommended?

Sometimes, recovering an old roof might not be possible and roof replacement seems to be the right option. Moreover, if the roof has a second layer, adding a third layer isn’t possible. Re-roofing is not possible if the existing roof has soaked water and has experienced structural damages.

Tearing out the underlayment and shingles allows roofers to inspect the decking. If everything seems fine, new shingles, underlayment, and water barriers are applied. And, if the decking is damaged, it will be repaired before installing the new roof. A roof replacement is always recommended even if a roof has small issues.

A new roof provides a long-lasting effect and it comes with a warrant as well. Depending on the materials used, a new roof can last between 10 and 30 years. With new materials in place, your home will have more protection.

Reroofing vs Roof Replacement: Which one to choose?

In terms of cost, roof replacement might appear an expensive deal. But, the advantages of installing a new roof are more than repairing an existing one. You may go for a reroofing if you have minor roofing issues. And, it will cost will about $6000.

Complete roof replacement is a better option because it gives you peace of mind for a very long time. Roof replacement costs will be higher because the process involves many things. However, it increases the curb appeal and value of your property, too. If the roof isn’t in a good shape, roof replacement is the way to go. So, find the best roofing service in your area!

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