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Licensed Roofing Contractor: Why it’s Important to Hire One

Roofing Contractor / ocala/ March 12, 2022

Licensed Roofing Contractor: Why it’s Important to Hire One

If you are thinking about hiring a licensed roofing contractor for your home or office, make sure to hire someone with a license. Most people treat licensing as a low priority. In reality, there are enough good reasons why it is important to hire a licensed contractor.

While most people don’t give importance to a licensed contractor, it is not their fault always. Most of them care very little about licensing. And, they care more about reviews, pricing, and recommendations. As such, the risks are higher when you aren’t using a licensed roofing contractor.

Why it is crucial to hire a Licensed Roofing Contractor?

An experienced local roofing company knows how to follow the local installation codes. These might include certain types of paperwork and other aspects to make sure the roof is installed properly. And, everything falls in line with your state’s requirements. That way, it saves you from headaches when selling your home or dealing with insurance.

Besides, hiring a licensed roofing company can make a huge difference when it comes to providing high-quality service. Because many companies have expertise in roofing services, sorting out the right one is challenging. Hence, it is wise to seek assistance from a licensed roofing contractor that can offer roofing discounts. They have credentials that confirm their credibility.

Roofing Industry Credentials for a Roofing Contractor:

Licensed Roofing Contractor chooses to work with particular manufacturers for the materials. And, most of the companies offer product training to the contractors. With these credentials, you get peace of mind that the roofing contractor knows how to install a specific product with safety. Hence, try to find out local roofers that have the following designations.

1. Owens Corning Contractor

The number one requirement for this kind of certification is safety. Also, they require a high-level commitment to other aspects such as stable business, great customer service, appropriate licenses, and profound knowledge of the latest technologies for roofing installation.

2. GAF Master Elite Roof Contractor

One of the oldest manufacturers, GAF put roofing contractors through a tough screening process. They have to carry adequate insurance and licenses to meet the requirements for this title. As of now, about 3% of contractors claim this designation.

Licensed Roofing Contractor in Ocala FL

3. Shingle Master Certified

This credential course offered by CertainTeed ensures that your contractor knows the latest procedures and techniques for installing their products. CertainTeed requires that a local roofing company need to employ a crew comprising of a supervisor and 2 installers who are qualified in Master Shingle Applicator to claim this accreditation.

Advantages of hiring a Licensed Roofing Contractor:

Only a licensed local roofing company can provide you with the credibility of carrying out the work efficiently. While it is tempting to grab a roofing company with the lowest bid, your investment could be at risk. Here are some advantages of working with a qualified roofer.

Licensed Roofer in Ocala FL

1. They have the right knowledge and skill

Roofing contractors go through rigorous tests to obtain a license. And, they have to prove that their skills meet industry standards. So, a licensed contractor provides you with a safes, thorough, and honest roofing service. Also, you can trust them because they treat your assets professionally.

2. They have bonding and insurance

Licensed roofers have bonding or insurance that protects them from liabilities caused by an accident during the project.

3. They get support from the State

When you work with a licensed roofing company, it helps you to take advantage of the dispute resolution program. If a conflict arises with your roofer, you get the deserved compensation. But, when you work with a contractor that doesn’t have a license, they are not liable for the damage caused.

4. They can secure permits

A majority of roofing projects need permits to make sure that your home complies with your state’s building codes. Insured and licensed roofing contractors are authorized to carry out the procedure for permits on your behalf. As such, it saves you a significant amount of hassle and time.

What you get from hiring a licensed roofing company:

Apart from the advantages of hiring a licensed local roofer, there are things that you get from them. While hiring a professional roofer might cost you a bit more compared to ordinary roofers, it saves you time and money in the long run. Here are the things that a licensed roofer gives you.

Quality workmanship – A licensed roofer will fix things beyond your expectation and offer unmatched work. Hiring a general contractor or doing the task by yourself might save you a few bucks, but it will cost you more down the road in the form of mold growth, endless leaks, structural damages, and so on.

Expertise – A general roofing contractor might carry out simple repairs. But a professional has specialized training to inspect and fix your roof effectively. Even in some states, it is mandatory to employ a licensed roofing company to execute tasks. Hiring a licensed roofing company means that you are getting the job done for the first time.

Adheres to building codes – A licensed roofing contractor knows that home improvement projects are regulated by strict building codes. And, they have the right certifications that allow them to install roofs that comply with local building codes. As such, it ensures that the roof is safe and can protect your family. Also, it saves you from penalties and fines because of non-compliance with the said codes.

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