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Looking for the right type of Summerglen, Ocala FL Roofing Contractor? Then you should consider us the next time you need to repair, replace or upgrade that roof.

Florida is known for its varying weather that will attack your roof and wear it down. Even if you just installed a new roof, you want to make sure you maintain it. If you fail to do this it will become quite costly in the future. Sure, you may be afraid that even calling a roofer may get expensive, but we’re here to eliminate that fear. 

Your roof is one of the most critical components of your home. It is an investment to keep your home properly insulated and protect you from the elements. Don’t ever be nervous about contacting a roofing contractor when you feel your roof needs some care. It’s always better to contact as soon as you feel this needs tended to.

Our Roofing Company is one you can trust

We’re all about ensuring a happy client because roofing maintenance is more than a one-time thing. We want you to feel ready to work with us when needed. We also want to make sure that we get the job done right the first time. Subsequent visits from us are only about ensuring your investment and your roof are in top condition.

We work with all roof types such as shingles, asphalt or metal roofing amongst our most popular. We have over ten years of experience in the field, and ensure that we only offer the right amount of service you need, no more or less. We start off with a review and inspection and consult you on your best course of action.

Of course, we ensure to work within your budget and offer you a variety of options to stay within budget. Whether it’s new construction, complete roof replacement, or getting things cleaned out in the attic, we’re here to help. We’re a part of the community, so we believe in maintaining and developing relationships over simply charging a fee for roof service or roof repairs.

Residential or Commercial Roofing – We handle both.

We handle both residential and commercial properties with all the roofing needs you can imagine. We also understand that you have a life and career as well, so we opt to work around your schedule. During our consultation and design phase, we help determine a schedule that is flexible for you to ensure minimal interruption. Roofing repair is something we excel at as well, and we’ve seen it all. We’re confident we can assess and resolve your issue.

We can also work on a faster timeline if you want the job done earlier to get your roof ready, so let us know. We handle recommendations as well for the types of materials to utilize, and again around your budgetary needs. This way there are no surprises for you at the end. We also want to make sure that we offer the best quality service, so that’s why we always recommend planning beforehand.

The local elements can be cause for consistent roofing repair

Ocala, Florida has beautiful weather year-round, but that doesn’t mean it helps to keep your roof properly maintained. With over 100 days a year where rain can occur, that constant pounding on your roof will take its toll. Also, nature can get into the gutters and weigh down the edges and cause severe damage. The rain can get severe and even break the shingles on your roof. If there’s a storm, the roof can start to warp or even the flashing can become missing or completely damaged.

The heat during those summer months is no picnic either. Without proper maintenance, the roof won’t work as a proper insulator. This will cause energy inefficiencies when trying to cool your home, which your roof is a part of.

Although some of these elements may not occur every year it is vital to work with local experts. Our team is based in Ocala, Florida, and we understand what type of damage your roofing will take. We know what to expect and how to handle any situation that can come, whether it’s hail or hurricanes. We can recommend the best type of roofing for the area, and let you know how often you need to get a maintenance check.

Be Comfortable with your roofing company

We get it. You didn’t think when owning a home that you would become friends with so many people in home construction. Finding the right roofing contractor can be very scary. You hear of horror stories about incorrect roofing that is done or outrageous fees. You want to avoid using the wrong roofing company. That’s why every Summerglen, Ocala FL Roofing Contractor on our team works to make you feel comfortable and educated first. We want to check in with you to ensure that you understand the investment or the repair you’re getting into.

We also help explain to you what future costs may look like as we’re local experts and understand how your roof will be affected. It’s all about trust and transparency and we always are upfront and clear with a quote, estimate and final price. This way you feel comfortable every step of the way, and have peace of mind when you contact us for your roofing needs.

Whether it’s roofing repair or general roof services you’re looking for, we are confident we can help meet your needs. We are not looking for just one time customers either, as we are also part of your community. We feel that we are more of your neighbor with an expert service to offer than a traditional roofing company.

Work with a Roofing Contractor for any situation.

Sometimes the unexpected happens. A hurricane may come, or extensive water damage may bring a part of the roof down. Don’t worry and don’t panic, as we’re here to help! We want you to feel confident that you have an emergency expert here at our Summerglen Ocala FL Roofing Company. Give us a call immediately whether it’s after the storm, or if your house starts to leak, and we’ll get there as soon as possible.

We can help provide immediate relief and will work on a plan to make sure that something like this doesn’t easily happen again. No one wants to feel the roof over their head isn’t working and we’re fully licensed and insured to support this.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at 352-575-7411 or via email. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about roofing. We can also help to start estimating what your project may look like as well as when we can start the work.

Only the best Roofing products with the best Roof Service

Just like we want to offer exceptional and trusted service, we also want to use best in class materials. That’s why all of the materials we use, from the roof components to other construction materials are considered industry-leading. There’s no other way we feel we can do an excellent job without using best in class products.

As your expert local roofing company in Ocala Florida, we feel that this combination is necessary. Our combined expertise with product knowledge will help give you one of the best roof services you’ve ever had.

Three steps to protect your biggest investment


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Help create a wate-proof barrier

Block water resulting from ice damming wind-driven rains and normal water flow.



Helps protect against nature’s elements

Add a tough, yet beautiful layer of defense with strong adhesion that resists blow affs and helps shed water away from the roof deck



For balance attic ventilation

Helps air flow through the attic to manage temperature and moisture.

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