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Imagine, you’ve just had a long day in the office.  You’ve spent all day on an incredibly dull report, had to take the kids to soccer practice and then spent the evening cleaning up the house ready for the in-laws this weekend.  You retire to your dark, gloomy bedroom and struggle to get to sleep, always clock watching for that ever-impending alarm. 

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Ocala skylights installers

Upgrade Your Home: Choose Skylights

Now imagine drifting off to sleep, peacefully staring at the stars through your very own skylight. Skylights are shrouded in thoughts of romance and bring you closer to the tranquillity and peace that nature brings.  On top of this, they can open up even the dingiest of rooms, making them appear bigger, brighter and more spacious.  Other reasons you really should get in contact with Ocala skylights installers include:

Be careful, though.  Before you reach for the drill and start hacking away at your building, it’s important to remember that any significant cosmetic changes to your building can have long term effects.  Hiring inexperienced tradespeople to perform the installation, doing it yourself or even choosing the wrong type of skylight can have catastrophic effects on both your property and your wallet.  But don’t stress.  All Ocala skylights installers are fully experienced, will consult with you on your best options and will always provide the highest quality installation and service, guaranteed. So, go with our best Ocala skylights installers for best results.

What Can Ocala Skylights Installers Provide?

There are three main types of skylight to choose from, all made from either plastic or glass. 

FIXED SKYLIGHTS | Ocala Skylights Installers

The most popular type of skylight, this option doesn’t open and should only be installed if you want to encourage more light into your building—a perfect solution for areas that are difficult to access including attics, stairwells and hallways.


These can be opened to add both light and increase airflow.  Depending on the option you go for, ventilating skylights can be operated manually or electronically and tend to be best in areas that need to reduce moisture, such as a bathroom or kitchen.


The latest in skylight technology.  These skylights are domed and paired with a reflective metal tube, creating a dramatic difference in light levels.  Perfect for small rooms which get very little light such as closets and hallways.

TAILORED SKYLIGHTS JUST FOR YOU | Ocala Skylights Installers

Of course, the type of skylight you need depends on you, your budget and your home.  We also take into consideration the surroundings of your property when deciding where to fit; you wouldn’t want heavy tree branches falling on top of one, for instance.  Ocala skylights installers will work with you to provide the perfect skylight for you!

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Residential Roofing

It’s one of the most critical elements of your home, but did you know that the average residential roof only lasts 15 – 25 years? If it’s time for a check-up, call the experts.

Commercial Roofing

Helping to keep your staff and assets safe and secure, Ocala roofing service can help to reduce your companies carbon footprint. How about that for some great PR!
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Industrial Roofing

Roofing on a large scale comes with its unique challenges, but don’t worry, we’re the experts. From full-scale rebuilds or minor repairs, we always offer high standards and affordability.

Gutters Cleaning

Poor maintenance can lead to gutters getting clogged up with leaves and other debris, opening up a haven for rodents and mould. With our help, you can make sure your gutters are in the best of health.

Skylights Installing

We have over ten years of experience installing fixed skylights, opening skylights and even walk-on skylights. Whether you have a flat roof, a curved roof or a pyramid-shaped roof, we have an Ocala roofing service just for you.

Chimneys Cleaning

It’s recommended that your chimney is cleaned once a year for the efficient and safe operation of heating and cooking appliances. Time to get the brush out? Give us a call!
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